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Formations Excel Spread Sheet This is an Excel Spread sheet that contains 4 work sheets. One for Paneuropean Formations, One for Combine Formations one for the costs of individual units and the last page which is a formations calculator. Players can use this to balance out the point costs when picking out a number of formations.
Decals Bitmap Combine Hourglass and Paneuropean helmet decals for miniatures. Good for Ogres and Heavy's. Too large for smaller units.
Icon Legend Conversion of standard military symbols to Ogre units.


Paneuropean Formations A listing of "typical" Paneuropean regiments by nationality
Paneuropean Standard Company Formations A listing of "standardized" Paneuropean companies, in practice most nations had their own variants.
Combine Formations A listing of "typical" Combine Regiments by nationality
Combine Standard Company Formations A listing of "standardized" Combine companies.

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