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Raid on Southern France

2092 - The Combine renews hostilities in August, sending a multi-pronged attack against both military and industrial targets across Europe. The surprise is only tactical - Combine intentions had been obvious - but the Paneuropean response is ineffective and disorganized. On Christmas Day, Paneurope sues for peace. The Second Armistice is signed on Dec. 31.

- from "The Ogre Timeline" as originally published in Ogre Miniatures

2092 Combine forces launch their final assault on the Paneuropeans. Five massive invasion forces assault Europe. One of the invasion beaches is Bordeaux on France's Atlantic Coast. The invasion successfully establishes a beachhead and punches a small hole in the Paneuropean defenses. Four Ogres exploit the breach and break into the Paneuropean rear area. Their mission to cause as much chaos and destruction and return to friendly lines.

Light and fast raiding Ogres are selected for this mission. One Mark IV, one Ninja and one Vulcan Repair Ogre will move north and operate in French Military districts of Limoges, Le Mans and Dijon. The other Mark IV, Ninja and Vulcan will move south and operate in the districts of Toulouse, Clermont Ferrand and Grenoble. To maximize the chaos and to try down as many Paneuropean units as possible, the Ogres have orders spead out and cause as much destruction as possible.

This campaign can be played with two to four players plus a referee.
Two Player Game:
The game will be a competition to see which Ogre raids the most. Each player takes an Ogre Mark IV, Ogre Ninja and a Vulcan Repair Ogre and will have a raiding sector. Players must stay within their sector. As the Ogres come into contact with the Paneuropean forces, the owner of the Ogres runs, what else, the Ogres the other player runs the Paneuropean forces.
Three & Four Player Games: Two players will run the Ogres and be assigned raiding areas. The additional players will run the Paneuropean forces.
The Cities will have random about of targets and defensive units. Players will use target decks to determine what is in each city.

There are two sectors, the northern and the southern sector. Each sector is broken up into three military districts. Setup each military district as follows: Each district will have a capital and several major and minor cities. The district capital will have an Alpha Command Post. Randomly pick a major city that will contain a Beta Command Post. Randomly determine a city (Major or Minor) to contain a communications satellite.
Each city/town will have some garrisoning troops. Garrison forces cannot move more than 10 miles from their assigned city/town.
For each Major City (and the capital)
determine the targets in the city by picking 3 cards from the cities deck.
determine the defensive force in the city by picking 2 cards from the formations deck.
For each minor city
determine the targets by picking 2 cards from the towns deck.
determine the defensive force by picking 1 card from the formations deck.

Mobile Reserve: The only units that can pursue the Ogres are the district's mobile reserve force. In order for a player to issue orders to its mobile reserve force it must have one command post and one communications facility operable in the military district. If all of the command posts or all of the communications facilities are destroyed in a military district, the mobile force will move to the nearest town/city (with a target) and act as a garrison on that city/town.

Each military district is a separate and distinct command with little or no coordination with other districts. As a result of this lack of coordination
1. Command Posts and Communication Facilities cannot be shared. If a district loses all of its communications it cannot use the communications of a neighboring district's.
2. The mobile reserve of one district cannot cross into another district's territory. (one exception to this rule is in tactical combat, but they must return to their own district after that battle.)

For the mobile reserve
Pick 3 times from the formations deck.(militia units and units without transport are discarded and another card is drawn) for the mobile reserve and place them anywhere in a single distinct.

Each Combine Player gets one Ogre Mk IV, one Ogre Ninja, and one Ogre Vulcan. The Ogres are setup within the start area on the map.
The Combine Vulcan repair Ogre has the following stats.
Tread Units and movement equal to Mark IV.
One Secondary Battery, 6 Anti-Personnel batteries and 21 missiles.
The Vulcan can repair any Ogre it carries enough spare parts to replace 2 Main Batteries, 6 Secondary Batteries, 8 Anti-Personnel Batteries and 20 Tread Units.
To repair a missile battery will take 4 hours. To repair a Secondary or Main battery will take 3 hours. To repair an anti-personnel or tread unit will take 1 hour. To reload a Missile will take 16 minutes for the first missile + 4 minutes for each additional missile. Ogres must be stationary to be repaired or reloaded.

Strategic Turns:
Strategic turns are 15 minutes long. This represents the minimum amount of time forward units can report their situation, have command issue orders, and have the forward units execute them. Whenever opposing units engage in combat use the standard Ogre tactical turns, which are 4 minutes long. After combat is over, return to the strategic turns. At the start of a strategic turn each side writes down their orders, the Referee will execute them. At the start of each hour a random event is picked(unless a tactical battle is occurring, draw a random event 15 minutes after the battle ends). One event is picked for the northern sector and one is picked for the southern sector.

Tactical Battles:
Whenever a Ogre comes within range* of Paneuropean forces, the strategic turn ends and tactical combat begins. Tactical battles are fought using normal Ogre rules, each "turn" is 4 minutes long, so 4 tactical "turns" equal 15 minutes or one strategic turn. (I know 4 minutes * 4 is 16 minutes, but making strategic turns 16 minutes makes keep track of hours a real pain 16 minutes * 4 = 64 minutes). If a tactical battle ends before 4 turns (or a multiple there of) round time up. Example: the battle lasts 17 turns then it lasted (4 minutes * 17 = 68 minutes (or 1 hour 8 minutes)), round up to the nearest quarter hour so the battle actually lasted 1 hour 15 minutes.
* Range is dependent on size of the board you game on. I play on a 4ft by 8 ft board so when we come within 48 miles we go tactical.

Detection: Defending Paneuropean are not detected until the Ogres close within 24 miles. Attacking Combine Ogres are not detected until the Ogres close within 24 miles of a garrisoned city. Paneuropean units can search for Ogres. For each Gev (of any type) there is a 5% chance per strategic turn of detecting the Oger. For each Tank (Heavy and Light) or stand of Infantry (any type) there is a 2% chance per strategic turn to detect the Ogre.

Type of Unit % to detect Ogre per Strategic Turn
Hv. Tank, Lt. Tank, Infantry Strength pt. 2%

Random Events:
Each hour the Ogre player draws one card from the event deck. When an Ogre crosses into a new district the cards are resuffled.

Maps: (Click on each for map)

Northern sector
Le Mans
Southern sector
Clermont Ferrand
Cities Deck
Event Deck
Town Deck
Formations Deck
Sector Worksheets

Designer Notes
I got the inspiration for this game from an article I read from Andrew's Ogre page. A very cool article.
Going from the description I read about the last major Combine invasion I developed is this campaign to help explain why the Paneuropean's were defeated so quickly. A massive Ogre raid unleashed in the Paneuropean rear would certainly cripple any organized defense.

"The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the OGRE system from Steve Jackson Games . This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games."

"OGRE is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and the art here is copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by SJ Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy."