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Raid on Southern France
Towns Deck


Player draws 2 cards.
54 Cards in Deck

# of Cards Pts. Target
1 H Command Post. Treat as Normal Command post (no structure points)
2 M Communication Facility. 5 Structural Points.
2 M Radar 10 Structural Points.
1 H Jam screen 10 Structural Points.
2 M Reactor 60 Structural Points.
2 L Laser Turret 30 Structural Points.
1 L Laser Tower 20 Structural Points.
10 M Factory 10 Structural Points.
2 M Hospital 10 Structural Points.
3 H Train yard 20 Structural Points.
2 M Marshalling yard
Pick twice on small unit formations. Note: These units are unmanned and powered down. defense strength, treat D as X cannot move or fire.
3 L Fuel/Ammo Depot 3 Structure Points
10 L Supply Dump 10 Structure Points
5 No target
8 Draw 2 additional cards


H High value target

M Medium value target

L Low value target


Return France Scenario

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