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Ogre Raids in the Mediterranean 

After invading North Africa, Combine forces drove east to Tunis. As the battle for Africa continued year after year, the Combine leadership looked for ways to break the stalemate. The Combine would attack the soft underbelly of Europe. During the "cease fire years" 2082 to 2084,  from bases in Tunis Combine forces launched a number of Ogre raids into southern Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. Ogre MK I and MK IIIs literally drove on the sea floor bed from North Africa to Southern Europe. 

The Ogre missions were simple, come on shore wreak as much havoc as possible then retreat to the sea when Paneuropean forces arrive.

Campaign Notes

This campaign is very similar to my Raid on France campaign.

The campaign should be limited to just a part of the Mediterranean. Although an Ogre could possibly drive anywhere from Gibraltar to Israel, keeping track of every target and all the Paneuropean forces in the Med would be a nightmare. 

I suggest limiting the raids to a small geographical area, say Italy, southern France or southern Spain.

Determine the number of Ogres. Smaller campaigns could consist of a single Ogre, larger campaigns could feature several. Ogre MK IIIs would be the largest Ogres used. MK V would be too valuable on the front lines and the MK IV did not enter service until 2086. Ogre MK Is and MK IIs could also be used.

After determining the number and type of Ogres to be used, select an area to attack. Target areas should be generated, a good list of targets can be found in by Raid on France scenario. Panueropean forces should also be deployed. I suggest four to five times the point value of the raiding Ogre(s). I suggest this large number of Paneuropean forces because must spread his forces out to defend all the targets. To keep the Ogre to hit-and-run raids the Paneuropean player must have sufficient forces everywhere to compel the Ogre to retreat and raid again another day.

Campaign turns:
I suggest using the 15 minute campaign turns outlined in by Campaigns rules.

Repair & reinforcements:
Combine - A Vulcan Ogre maybe used repair damage or the Ogre could immediately return to Tunis when it receive a certain amount of damage. Paneuropean - Reinforcements could be based on the amount of damage the Ogre does.

Solo Game Play - this could very easily be a solo game. Randomly determine targets and defending forces.

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