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Combine Formations

The Ogre Miniatures book gave several sample formations. It also said that there were many variations and that no two battalions were exactly alike. Combine formations were far more standardized than Paneuropean formations, but there were varaition. British Formations had thier own structure. Here are some sample formations. The formations with points are complete, click on the name to see the details. The formations without point costs are not complete yet (no link).

Standard Combine Company Level Formations
  American Heavy Armored Regiment  
  American Armored Regiment  
  American Armored Cavalry Regiment  
  American Mechanized Regiment  
  American Marine Regiment  
  Canadian Armored Regiment  
  Canadian Mechanized Regiment  
  British Armored Regiment  
  British Mechanized Regiment  
  British Royal Marine Regiment  
  Mexican Mechanized Regiment  

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