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The following are campaigns I have developed.

Sheffield A daring Paneuropean raid on the Ogre factory complex in Sheffield England circa 2074  
Raid on France   Several Ogres breakthrough Paneuropean lines and raid Southern France circa 2092

The following are campaigns ideas that are under development (unfinished).

Amphibious Assault on Antwerp As Part of the main invasion, Several battalions of GEVs and Marines assault the outer islands near Antwerp to clear them of coastal fortifications  circa 2077  
Ogre Raids from the Med  After invading North Africa, Combine forces drove east to Tunis. From bases in Tunis Combine forces launched a number of Ogre raids into southern Europe across the Mediterranean Sea. Ogre MK I and MK IIIs literally drove on the sea floor bed from North Africa to Southern Europe. The Ogre missions were simple, come on shore reek as much havoc as possible then retreat to the sea when Paneuropean forces arrive.   
circa 2082 - 2084

Ogre campaigns can be played during any year of the war. Below is a listing of all major events in the original Ogre time line (in Europe) any of these would make for an interesting campaign.

2070 -- Combine forces lad in France but fail to establish a permanent beachhead. Ogre Mk I & II (limited campaign)
2074 -- Paneuropean assault on England unsuccessful. Ogre Mk III (limited campaign)
2076 -- Paneuropean assault on England unsuccessful
2077 -- Massive Combine force establishes beachhead at The Hague. After six months of fighting, the invaders are contained within Bremen-Cologne-Brussels arc, with huge losses on both sides. (major campaign)
2078 -- Battle of Gibraltar; Combine Ogres smash Paneuropean 2nd army and push into Spain, followed by conventional forces. Paneuropean forces stop Combine at Foothills of Pyrenees. Northern Combine invasion force breaks out. Strasbourg falls; Paris and Frankfurt threatened. (Major campaign) Paneuropean make Superheavy tank, later copied by Combine.
2084 --
Ogre vs. Ogre combat common. The ceasefire years, 88 different ceasefires. Combine driven off continent. Paneuropean fencer produced 2084. (Major campaign)
2092 -- Combine send multi-pronged attack. Paneurpean response is weak. Peace (Major campaign)

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