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Raid on Sheffield

The year is 2072 the Paneuropean High Command plans for the invasion of England. A bright, influential young German colonel named Paulis Von Block proposed a daring raid on Sheffield; the location of the only Ogre factory in England. The plan is to send a light force of GEVs and Marines to strike hard and fast. The intention of the raid was to draw off forces from the southern landing beaches were the real invasion was to take place. The Paneuropean High Command was impressed with audacity of launching a raid so deep into England.

As preparations for the invasion progressed, the High Command grew to believe that the raid could actually take Sheffield and retrieve the Ogre blueprints. Then they would be able to produce their own Ogres. More and more assets were assigned to the raid (using neutral flagged shipping for transports), transforming it from a light raiding force to a full-fledged invasion. Von Block had reservations that the Paneuropean navy could keep such a large force re-supplied and reinforced. When Von Block voiced his reservations to the High Command he was promoted to General and put in charge of the operation

  Campaign Map

  Paneuropean forces

  Combine Forces

Special Rules:
Campaign begins at 8:00 AM day 1 and ends at 10:00 PM day 3.
The Paneuropean gets 6 cruise missiles. The cruise missiles are launched from a submarine. Place a marker to show the location of the sub. The sub has a movement of 6 inches, cannot make any attacks (except the cruise missile). The sub cannot go into a river but it can go in the inlet near Kingston upon Hull. The sub will never move within range of a howitzer, mobile howitzer or Ogre Missile and will retreat if it comes within range. Five cruise missiles can be used at anytime. One cruise missile must be saved to strike on Sheffield, if not used by start of day three or if Paneuropean player gives up on attacking Sheffield, can be used at anytime.

Paneuropean follow forces will arrive by transport ship, one company per ship. Transport ships move 8 inches per turn and have a defense of 2. Disruptions have no effect on ships. When the ship takes 10 points of damage the speed drops to 3 inches. When the ship takes a total of 20 damage it sinks. Vehicles onboard a ship that sinks are destroyed. Once a ship docks, it takes 32 minutes (8 turns) before the first unit can disembark. One unit per turn can disembark afterwards.

To embark onto a ship the process is reversed. All units must be on the docks for 32 minutes. Then the may embark one per turn.

Strategic Objectives:
Paneuropean capture Sheffield Ogre factory intact and returning captured Ogre blue prints to Hull or Grimsby. Major Victory
Paneuropean destroy (inflict 50 points of damage) Sheffield Ogre factory. Decisive Victory
Paneuropean inflict 30+ points of damaged to Sheffield Ogre factory. Marginal Victory
Paneuropean inflict 10 to 29 points of damaged to Sheffield Ogre factory. Draw

If the Paneuropean evacuates 500 points, increase victory level by one, ie: a Draw would become a Marginal Victory.
If the Paneuropean evacuates less than 220 points, decrease victory level by one, ie: a Decisive victory becomes a Marginal Victory.

Designer Notes
This was my second attempt at a campaign. It has been play tested several times. After the first few times I beefed up the Paneuropean forces, even with the extra troops it is still difficult for the Paneuropean to win. I envisioned the campaign to unfold in three phases.

Phase 1 the initial landings near Norwich, The Paneuropean should keep his loses to a minimum, by pass strongpoints, you will need every unit to take Grimsby and/or Hull. The Combine troops are slower and if bypassed cannot leave the area anyway. The one exception is the 11th Hussars.

Phase 2 the capture of Grimsby and/or Hull. The Paneuropean must capture a port so that his heavy troops can land. The GEV and Marine companies alone are not enough to attack Sheffield. The Paneuropean player only has to capture one port to land troops. Once captured, the Paneuropean player must hold them until all troops have landed. The Combine Units will be able to launch a counter attack quickly, so Paneuropean losses during the initial landings and the capture of the port(s) must be kept to a minimum or the Paneuropean player will not be able to hold the port.

Phase 3 the assault on Sheffield. If the Paneuropean can take and hold a port the next phase is the attack on Sheffield. The Paneuropean player must decide wither to attack with his available troops or wait until all his reinforcements arrive. Once the assault has commenced the Paneuropean player must decide when to cut and run. Even if he cannot capture the factory, if he can escape with enough of his troops, he can still get a minor victory. Remember this is a diversionary raid, to draw Combine troops away from the real landing beaches in the south.

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