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Raid on Southern France
Sectors Deck

Southern Sector
Military District TOULOUSE Targets Garrison Units
Capital Toulouse
Major City Tarbes
Major City Mountauban
Major City Albi
Major City Perpignan
Minor City Pau
Minor City Auch
Minor City Foix
Minor City Carcassinne
Minor City Cahois
Minor City Rodez

Southern Sector
Military District CLERMONT FERRAND Targets Garrison Units
Capital Clermont Ferrand
Major City Lyon
Major City Mende
Major City Moulins
Major City Montlucon
Minor City Montceau les Mines
Minor City St. Etienne
Minor City Le Puy
Minor City Privas
Minor City Aurillac
Minor City Gueret

Southern Sector
Military District GRENOBLE Targets Garrison Units
Capital Grenoble
Major City Bourg-en Bresse
Major City Geneve
Major City Chambery
Major City Gap
Minor City Lons-le-Saunier
Minor City Lausanne
Minor City Annecy
Minor City Cluses
Minor City Moutiers
Minor City Sauze id Ouix

Northern Sector
Military District LIMOGES Targets Garrison Units
Capital Limoges
Major City Tours
Major City Potiers
Major City Angouleme
Major City Perigueux
Minor City Cholet
Minor City Niort
Minor City Le Blanc
Minor City Ruffec
Minor City La Coisiere
Minor City Brive-la-Gaillarde

Northern Sector
Military District


Targets Garrison Units
Capital Le Mans
Major City Rennes
Major City Angers
Major City Orleans
Major City Auxerre
Minor City Laval
Minor City Blois
Minor City Chateauroux
Minor City Vierzon
Minor City Cosne
Minor City Nevers

Northern Sector
Military District


Targets Garrison Units
Capital Dijon
Major City Charlon-sur-Saone
Major City Metz
Major City Nancy
Major City Besancon
Minor City Troyes
Minor City Vitry-le-Francois
Minor City Chaumont
Minor City Epinal
Minor City Vesoul
Minor City Belfort


Return France Scenario

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